Mini black and tan longhair chihuahua
longcoat chihuahua
teacup chocolate chihuahua
mexican long haired chihuahua
black and white long haired chihuahua puppy
Pictures of Long coat chihuahua puppies
If you have purchased a Chihuahua puppy from us. Please send updated pictures often so I can add him or her to our reference page for all to see. Send photo as a .jpg. Thank You!
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Paige a solid black long haired chihuahua
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Elli and Max
chihuahua puppies for salefor sale
This is Bambi all dressed up like a princess
more pictures of her on thumb nails.
Her sire and dam is Ginger and Chester.
Lots of pictures here of our long coat Chihuahua past pups for you to enjoy looking through. These photos will give you an idea of the type of Chihuahua puppies we raise and offer for sale. Take your time and look through them all, It is worth it! Chihuahua pictures are of different ages, puppyhood to all grown up.

Chihuahuas being cute,
Hiding in the flowers,
One being a snoot,
You could cuddle them for hours!

Chihuahuas looking like a queen,
Or in the middle of their toys,
Holding oh so very still,
as if they cant be seen,

Chihuahuas all lined up,
Posing really pretty,
another in a tea cup,
looking pretty silly

Patriotic Chihuahua
chihuahua puppies for salefor sale
I want to say "Thank you" to all those who have sent me pictures! Keep them coming!
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